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Valmiki Ramayanam

Shri Valmiki who has created the unique story of Ramayana,
 which though contains the demons like Khar (rough) and Dashana (evil),
 is still smooth, lucid, faultless and without any evil element in it.

King Janak, after taking permission from the Brahmin prepared 
an axe of gold and dug up the field. while the field was being tilled,
 a young girl was unearthed. The king named her as "Bhuja"
 (Born of the earth) and embraced her by taking her in his arms.
 O Parvati! The girl was so innocent and beautiful that the king 
broght her to his palace and brought her up as his daughter.
 She was named "Janaki". And Narada called her "Seeta" who was 
pure and extraordinarily beautifully.

As the mother changed her mind, she spoke again,
" O Respected One! Please give up this from and 
appear before me in the dearest form of a child. 
I will be very happy. "Having heard this, even
 God started crying in the form of an infant. 
(Tulsidas says): One who sings the glory of this
 form attains Godhood and never returns to the 
well of the world.

While walking along he way, the sage pointed at Tadka
 (the Demones). On hearing human sound,
 Tadka rushed at them in anger. But Shri Ramchndra 
finished her just by piercing singal arrow in her body,
 and then knowing her to be helpless, sent her to the heaven.

Nobody could notice as to when the bow was lifted, 
the arrow was fixed and drawn forcibly.
 Everyone saw Ramchandra in a standing position 
ready to shoot an arrow. At the same moment,
 Shri Ramchandra broke the bow from the middle 
and its crackling noise filled he world with thunder.

 Seeing the nervousness of Seeta, her clever friends persuaded 
her to garland Shri Rama. Seeta took the garland in both of her hands,
 but could not approach Rama due to shyness. At that time, 
both of her hands appeared like two lotus flowers with their 
branches ready to garland th moon (i.e. Rama). While her friends
 started singing for the occasion, Seeta gralanded around
 the neck of Shri Rama.

King Dasharath told Guru Vasishtha: "O King of sages! Kindly listen.
 Shri Ramchandraji has won the love and respect from all sorts of people. 
Servants, miisters, citizens and all our friends and foes or even those
 who are indifferent, each of them is dear to Ram like me. It is as if
 your blessing has taken the form of his body! O Lord ! All Brahmins 
alognwith their family members shower their love on Ram.

O beloved one! I earnestly request you to fulfill my two wishes
 by offering me two boons as promised earlier by you. 
The first one is the coronation of my son Bharat as the 
king of Ayodhya and the second one is the exile of Rama 
into forest upto 14 years in the guise of an ascetic without 
any attachment towards the kingdom, the family etc. The delicate
 utterances of Kaikeyi upset the king (Dasharath) like the Chakor
 bird whose yearning increases when moon-rays touch its body.
"Why are you so much upset over such a trifling matter?
 What prevented you from telling me earlier? On seeing 
you in the dejected mood, I approached the mother. After
 listening to everything, I was at ease. O Father! 
"Please do not be sentimental at such an auspicious occasion.
 Leave this depression and allow me delighfully to 
proceed for the forest." Rama spoke these words to his
 father and cheered.

O Lord! A woman without a man is like a body without the soul,
 a river without the water. I will get all happiness of the world
 just by accompanying you and looking at your face as brilliant as
 the full moon. Believe me, O Lord! If you are with me, I will never 
feel alone. The birds and the beats will become my family members, 
the forest creepers and barks of the trees my clothes and the hut
 made of leave will be an abode of heavely happiness for me.

O Lord! I wish to wash your lotus-feet first and then request you to board my boat. I require nothing else as the fare. Oh Ram! I swear by you and by Dasharath. Please believe me. Let Lakshaman kill me by shooting an arrow but unless I wash your lotus-feet, O kindest one & Lord of Tulsidas! I shall not take you across this river in my boat.

The lotus-eyed Shri Ramchandraji was very much pleased to see the beautiful, neat and sacred atmosphere of the Ashram. Sage Valmiki rushed rushed to receive Shri Ram on hearing about his arrival. Shri Ram saluted the sage by prostrating before him on the ground and touching his feet. Valmiki, the best of the Brahmins, blessed Ram. Valmiki was very much delighted to see Ram and led him to Ashram respectfully.

On the bank of river Sarayu, a pyre was prepared by piling up various fragrant substances like sandalwood, saffron, gugal, camphor. It looked like a path to the heaven.

The same Bharat has now transgressed the norms of religion after acquiring the seat of Ram. The evil-minded and the liar brother seems to have decided to rule the people, taking advantage of Shri Ram's exile and loneliness. With that evil design in his mind, he is approaching us, accompanied by his brother Shatrughna, along with the army.
Bharat was overwhelemed with the feelin og joy. He was accompanied by younger brother Shatrughna and friend Nishad. As soon as he was Ram, all of his worries, despair and depression disappeared. He exclaimed, "O, Lord! Please protect me! O Saviour! Please save me!" and prostrated himself in th efeet of Ram. Laxman recognised Bharat by his endearing speech, though he could not see him as he was looking at Ram. On one side there was overwhelming love for his Brother, while on the other side, there was helplessness due to tremendous attachment to Ram!

As every one was immersed in the ocean of love, suddenly Ram heard the news of arrival of the King of Mithila, viz. Janak. The great king RaghuKul Dynasty went ahead to receive janak along with his brothers, ministers and teachers. As soon as Janak saw the best of the mountains - Chitrakoot, he got down from his royal chariot after saluting the great mountain and started walking.

Ram was overpowered with the mixed sentments of love and hesitation. On one side there was immense dedication towards the character of Bharat, while on the other the presence of elders, ministers and the citizens. He wished to offer his footwear to Bharat, but was feeling shy to do so in front of his teacher. At last. he succumbed to the call of love for Bharart and offered his footwear to him. Bharat felt honoured by it and put them on his head.

Bharat listened to it very attentively, took the advice and blessings. Then he called upon the astrologers and fixed an auspicious day for putting the footwear (Charan Paaduka) of shri ram on the throne of Ayodhaya.

Once ram himself prepared the ornaments from various flowers and picked up by him and decorated Seeta gracefully while sitting on a huge diamond stone.
The wife of the sage narrated the duties of a women in a swrrt and gentle tone. She said: "Please listen, O Princess! The parents, brother etc. are all over well-wishers, but their rewards are limited, whereas the husband gives the Salvation, i.e. the ultimate and limitless reward. Therefore a woman who fails to serve such a husband is mean-minded. Patience, relegion, friendship and woman - all of these are tested during the hard times."

The sharp and forceful arrows shot by angry Kakshman irritated the demon Viradh. Now th demon looking like the killer time incarnate, stood up and took the Trishul in his hand, keeping aside seeta. He looked ferocious. As the birds and beasts of the forest for frightened by him, Rama broke down his weapon by shooting an arrow, which peirced through the demon's Trishul.

On hearing that, the sage Agatsya immediately rushed towards Ram & Lakshman. Tears of pleasure and love trickled down his eyes at the sight of God. Both the brothers prostrated at the lotus feet of the sage and the sage and the sage embraced them with warm welcome. Thereafter gracefully requested them to have seat.

Enraged upon Lakshman, she approached Ram and adopted the most horrible demeanour: her hairs loose, mouth horrible,eyebrows crooked and cheeks spread upto ears. As Seeta was stunned with fear, Ram hinted at Lakshman throught\ gestures. Lakshman got him rightly and (Then, O Parvati, Listen, awhat Lakshman did.)
Lakshman cut off her nose and ears very tactfully as if to invite her brother Ravana for battle!

Many warriors were killed. Those whose chests were broken apart were screaming on the ground. Looking at their frustrated army, Trisira, Khar & Dushan turned to Ram. Numerous devils shot arrows, spears, poachers and whatever weapons were handy with them towards Ram. But Ram was unmoved. Then he look his bow and shot back with tons of arrows in the chests of chiefs of the army.

Witnessing the deaths of Khar and Dushana, Shurpankha tried to fuel the wrath of Ravana. She said angrily. "You have forgotten your country and your treasure."

The Marich worshipped Ravana and asked him respectfully, "Tell me, O Lord! Why you look so upset ? And how is it that you have come alone?" Unfortunate Ravana told him everything adamantly and then said to Marich. "You take the form of a deer and misguide Ram, while I will abduct Seeta."

Seeta said, "O Kindest One! O Lord! Please listen. See this deer. What a beautiful skin it has! Kill it and bring its skin for me!" Ram, even though he knew about the trick of Marich, set up for hunting the deer with his bow & arrow to undertake the divine cause of the gods.

Ram requested. "O Respectable one! Kindly keep this body."At this,he (Jatayu) smiled and said." "the scriptures say that even by chanting your name at the time of dying, a sinner gets the salvation. But you have appeared before me in person! What else do I need? Nothing remains to be desired". "Ram, with tears in eyes, said, "O Great one! You have achieved the most sought after status by your sacred deeds."

Shabari was so much overwhelmed with devotion and love that she became speechless on seeing Ram. She repeatedly bowed down at this feet. Then she washed the feet of both the brothers and offered them beautiful seats. She brought very juicy, fresh and tasty shrubs, roots and fruits and offered them to Ram. Ram also repeatedly appreciated her and ate them with affection.

The army of Ignorance (Infatuation) consists of Desire, Anger, Temptation and pride. The woman is like illusion incarnate. Please listen, O Sage! The Puranas, the Vedas & the saints confirm that a woman is like the season of spring blooming in the forest of illusion. A woman drains the waters of chanting, meditation and holy rituals like the summer.

O Brave soul! May I know who you are moving like awarrior having black & white complexion? What makes you move in this harsh and thormy land with delicate legs? You look so majestic and charming! Why are you exerting so much by subjecting yourself to unbearable heat and air! Are you One of the three Gods viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar or you are both Nara & Narayan?

Sugreev manoeuvred too much, but could not succeed. At last he was convinced and accepted the defeat, Ram then had to kill Vali by shooting an arrow in his chest. Injured by the arrow, he fellon the earth, but seeing Ramchandra, he again stood up. Ram;s body was dark, eyes red, with locks of long hair on the head. He was ready to shoot an arrow.

Vali was sent to the heaven by Shri Ram. All the citizens gathered in frustration. The wife of Vali viz. Tara started mourning for the loss of her husband. She was completely bereaved.

Sugreev, Who earlier lived in danger from Vali and had many wounds on his body and who led a life full of tension, was now made the king of monkeys by Shri Ram. Really Lord Raghuveer is very kind and compassionate.

At that time Angad, bowing down his head, said, "O Lord! Kindly send Hanumanji." So Sugreev called on Hanuman and gently requested him, " Shri Ram has obliged me in many ways. I would like you to go everywhere for his work.

O Lord! Even the gods, human beings and the sages are subject to the temptations of sense organs, whereas I am a humble animal and that too the most lusty among them i.e., the monkey. A person who is never injured by the arrows of beautiful eyes of a woman and who is awake during the darkest night of anger (i.e. who does not lose his temper) and who is free from the tangles of temptation, such person is like you, O Raghunath! These qualities are rare and cannot be attained by penance or austerity. Only throught your grace, one can attain them.

Thereafter Sugreev called two messengers. Gaj and Gavaksh rushed to him. Sugreev spoke to them very gently with unanimity of thought, word and deed. He said, "Please go eastward in search of Seeta and come back as early as possible after accomplishing Ram's task.
They saw a fine garden and a beautiful pond inside. The pond was full of blooming lotuses. By the side of the pond, there was a fine temple, where there was a Divine Lady.

The city of Lanka, on the Trikut mountain, is ruled by Ravana, a fearless King. In the city, there is a garden known as Ashok van where Seetaji is, at present, sitting in apensive mood.

the unmatched beauty of your mother Anjani is well-known in the world. Once, beautifully dressed up, she went to the top of a mountain. (O Hanumanji!) Listen!  It was the auspicious day when you were bron on the fourteenth day - saturday of Kartik (month) during the last fortnight of the month.

"You are incarnated to serve the holly cause of Shri Ram. "Having heard this, Hanuman's body expanded to the proportion of a mountain. The whole body was beaming with the brilliance of gold; as if he was the other king of the mountains. Hanuman asked, "O Jambvan! I seek your guidance." Jambvan replied, "Respected Sir, Please find out the whereabouts of Seeta. Thereafter the lotus-eyed Shri Ramchandra will kill the demons and bring back Seeta. The army of monkey will accompany him, just for the sake of amusement." 

Hanuman entered into her mouth and afain came out and asked for her leave after salution her; then Sursa told him, "I have come to know the secret of your extraordinary brilliance. I am sure you will be able to fulfill all the tasks of Shri Ram, for which the gods had sent me here. When she flew away after blessing Hanuman, he felt greatly exhilarated.

Onseeing seeta, hanumanji saluted her heartily. Seeta used to sit there all the 24 hours of the day. Her body was emaciated. One of her locks of hair was lying on her head and she used to chant the name of Shri Ram constantly at every moment.

"O Ten-mouthed Ravana! Can a lotus ever bloom in the light of a tiny insect emanating light from its body? Seetaji again told him (Ravana): "O Evil one, the same is the case with you. You are unaware of Shri Ram's powers. You devil, abducted me when I was all alone. O mean-minded creature, you are utterly shameless!"

After pondering over for a while, Hanumanji threw a ring at Seeta's Feet. It appeared as if a bruning charcoal had fallen from the Ashoka tree. Seeta delightedly took it in her hands.

Having seen hanuman's versatility as well as extraordinary physical power, Seeta said, "O Respected one! Please eat this sweet fruit by remembering Ram heartily". Then Hanumanji bowed down before her and entered the garden. He ate the sweet fruits and started uprooting the trees. There were so many soldiers. But Hanuman killed many of them, while some of them approached Ravana for help.

Hanumanji galloped and climed the palace. The flames of fire were, soon, coming out of his tail. It looked as if a huge flow of fire was descending from the sky, as if the jaws of death where trying to devour the entire Lanka or as if avaliant warrior had sharpened his weapons.

The narration of those details soothed Rama and he delightfully embraced Hanumana. He said "O Dear one! Please tell me, how Seeta lives and protects herself? Hanumanji replied, "She is chanting your name during day & night. Your name is like the soldiers and your meditation is like doors. Seeta constantly stares at her feet (locking all the doors of her body). Then how can the soul exit from her body?

Seeta is like the night of winter for the forest of lotuses of your dynasty. Please listen, O Master! Without giving back Seeta even Shankar & Brahma (the creator) will be unable to help you. Ram's arrows are like the multitudes of snakes and your crowd of demons are like frogs. Before the sankes swallow your frogs, please give up adamance and seek out the solution.

O Lord! I am the brother of Ravana. O protector of gods I am born in the dynasty of Demons. My body is blackish. As the darkness is dear to an owl, the sins are are dear to me. Your reputation as the destroyer of fear has brought me to you. Please protect me, as you are the protector of those who take your shelter.

"O Kindest One!Give me your pure devotion so dear to Shankar". then Ram blessed him by saying, "Let your wish be fulfilled" and asked for water from the ocean.
He said, "O Dear Friend! Though you are unwilling, but my Darshan neverfails. It is always successful. "Then Ram marked his forehead with tilak. The sky showered flowers on this majestic occasion.

Shuk-dut, please give up arrogance and trat the facts written in this letter as truth. Please Shuk-dut listen to me and give up anger. Don't antagonise Ram. Shri Ram's nature is very kind and polite in spite of being the Lord of the Universe. He will forgive you for all your sins the moment you meet him." 

The ocean was terribly frightened. He pleaded Ram for mercy and earnestly requested the God to forgive him for his follies. He touched the feet of Ram and told him that all the five elements viz. The space, the wind, the fire, the water and the earth are dull by nature.

The huge army of monkeys took orders from Ram and priceeded. the army was too large to count. The bridge was so overcrowded that some monkeys flew over the ocen, while others climed upon the aquatic creatures to cross over the distance.

Introducing himself in the court of Ravana, Angad said, "My name is Angad. I am the son of Vali. Have you ever met him?" Ravana was embarrassed. He said, "Yes, I know, Vali was a monkey. Are you the son of that same Vali? then you are the killer of your own dynasty. You are like all-devouring fire for your family. Why didn't you die in the womb of your mothr? You call yourself as the Messenger of Taapas. Therefore your life is worthless.

At that time Meghand shot the most lustrous & destructive arrow called "Virghatini", which hurt Lakshaman in the chest and made him unconscious, then Meghand became fearless and reshed to Lakshman.

Hanumanji saw the mountain. However, he could not recognise the medicinal herb on it. So he lifted the entire mountain and fled in the night towards the city of Ayodhya.

Hearing this, Ravana became very restless. He nodded his head repeatedly in refusal and went to awaken Kumbhakarna. After various efforts, Kumbhakarna was awakened from deep slumber. How did he look like? He looked like the perfonified Time, He asked, "Dear Brother! Tell me, why your face is so pale?"
Kumbhakarna rushed towards Ram with arrows stuffed into his mouth.It appeared, as if the God of Time was running with the sheath in his mouth. At that time Ram angrily took out a pointed arrow and aimed at Kumbhakarna's neck. The arrow pierced through Kumbhakarna's neck and separated his head from the body.

Now Meghnad (the son of Ravana) started shooting arrows at Lakshman, Sugreev and Vibhishan and injured their bodies. He also started fighting with Ram. All the arrows of Meghnad transformed into sepents and harmed them.

Lakshmanji approached Ravana and said, "O you Devil & the coward one! Why are you killing monkeys and bears? Face me. I am your killer." Ravana said, "You are the killer of my son. I will never spare you. Unless I kill you today, I will not rest in peace." Having spoken thus Ravana shot deadly arrows. However Lakshman broke the same into pieces. All arrows of Ravana were broken by Lakshman into hundreds of tiny pieces.

Shri Rama drew the bow up to his ear and then dischared thirty one arrows like the all-devouring time! One of the arrow piereced into Ravan's navel and squeezed the nectar from his body. Rest of them separated his arms and the head. The armless and headless body of Ravan moved helter-skelter on the earth.

Then Seeta remembered Ram, her abode of sacred love and whose feet were worshipped by Lord Shankar and entered the fire, which was cooled like the sandalwood. at the same time, the idol of Seeta burnt into flames. No one could realise the glory of the God's character. The Gods, the supermatural souls and the sages witnessed the scene from the sky.

All the great chiefs of the army of monkeys including their heroes like Sugriv, Neel, Jambuvan, Angad, Nal, Hanuman abd Vibhisan, were speechless. However, they constantly started at Shri Ram, without even winking their eyes for once. Shri Ram realised their overwhelming affection towards him and took in his plane. He saluted the Brahmins and the plane flew northward.

Suddenly there were good omens everywhere. everyone was in a festival mood. The whole city looked wonderful. It was an indication of the arrival of God.

All the mothers rushed to see the God like the cows rushing to feed their calves with udders overflowing with milk. Shri Ram spoke to them lovingly. The dark night of separation was over and everyone cheered in teh light of divine presence of Shri Ram!

Before the cornonation of Shri Ram, sage Vasishtha made an auspicious mark on his forehead. All the Brahmins followed Vasishtha. All the three mothers also worshipped their beloved son and donated gifts & presents to the Brahmins. As Ram, the Lord of the three world took seat on the throne of Ayodhya, the reverbrations of drums played by the gods filled the atmosphere with the thrill.

Lord Shankar Said, "O Shri Ram! O Lord of the Riches! O Destroyer of the agonies of the universe! Be victorious. Kindly protect your devotee from the agony of the world! You are the King of Ayodhya, the god of Gods, the Beloved of Seeta! I have come to request you to protect all the people."

Everyone is dear to me. But you are dearer than anyone. I never tell untruth. This is my mature. A servant is always dear. But that is common. For me, a devotee is more lovable. Friends! Now please take leave and reach your homes! Worship me devotedly and regularly. Consider me as all-pervading and love me as your saviour!

On that beautiful mountain styas a bird called "Kak-Bhushundi". It is immortal. The evils of passion, temptation, discrimination created by illusion pervading the entire universe, never appear on that mountain. please listen from me, O Parvati! The story of Kak-Bhushundi's utmost devotion towards God.

"Ayodhya has witnessed extremely powerful kings like Raghu, Dilip and Sagar etc. During their reigning period, the sons never used to die before their fathers. Ram overheard this through intuition. He took the form of Hanuman beings and thought: How did his son die? He was very gloomy on seeing the sorrow on the Brahmin's face.

Ram resolved: "Let me leave Seeta in the forest itself and fulfill the religious convictions and traditions." Quickly coming to Seeta with warmth and respect, he told her; " O sacred Seeta! Please leave behind you, your wordly shadow and go to your original place." Seeta touched the feet of Ram and disappeared in the sky, unnoticed by anyone around.

"Don't worry, O daughter! You will meet Lakshman, who helps the helpless." Then Valmiki brought Seeta in his parnakuti with utmost respect and knew the details from her. He consloed Seeta in many ways and requested her to be patient. Then Seeta took bath in the river Ganga and remembered Shri Ram. Sage Valmiki blessed her and offered her fruits.

Once again the enemy of gods viz. Lavanasur rose and screamed in anger with weapon in his hand. Everyone greeted Shatrughna with love and respect. Seeing everyone in dejected mood, Shtrughna drew back the arrows given by Shri Ram. Then remembering Ram's feet, he discharged two arrows, which disturbed the demon and dismembered his limbs. Ultimately the devil fell on the earth.

"O swan-like children of the safe! Please give up anger and relieve the horse. Shri Ram will feel very fortunate on seeing you.' The children said:
"O King! What is your name? what sort of a citizen you are, roaming with soldiers in the forest? which place you belong to and why have you come here? why have you tied this letter on his head?"

They went towards Ashram with fine weapons, costumes, ornaments, bears and the horse. They were accompanied by Hanuman.
Both the sons bowed down before Seeta and touched her feet. They presented her with lovely ornaments, Seeta became unconscious and fell down on the earth. At the same moment sage Valmiki arrived from the forest. Seeta requested Lav & Kush to reliver Hanuman and Jambavant immediately. She also told them, "O Dear Sons! By defeating a sin and have made me a widow, Now forget the sorrow and bring sandalwood so that I can end my life by following my husband by buring myself in the pyre.
Sage Valmiki gently persuaded Seeta and took the boys Lav & Kush to the battlefield. He saw the adventures of children and smiled in delight. He recongnised the chariot and horses of Ram and approched him. Valmiki said, "Wake up, O Ram! Look at your innocent sons!" 

"O Brother! believe me and take an oath before Seeta. "Lakshman went to Seeta and bowed before her and also tried to persuade Lav-Kush, in various ways. 
Seeta was convinced and she addressed Mother Earth like this. "If I have worhsipped Ram alone in thoughts, words and deeds throughout my life without even thinking about any other man even for a moment, then O mother Earth! Please gieve me shelter in your laps." Having heard this, the earth split into parts and Lord Shesh appeared with thousand underground. I am unable todescribe such a rare sight!

Countless chariots were flying in the sky. Their shadows on earth looked like the multitudes of licusts. People of Ayodhya were delighted at the divine sight of Lord Shri Ram. God took his plane and went to the Holy Abode. Even Indra, the God of gods, was stunned at this magnificent sight. There was heavy rain of flowers from the sky as  Brahmins were chanting the Mantras for Vedas.
Having just returned from the fourteen years exile, Sitaji was sent on yet another exile by the people of Ayodhaya. Malicious rumor and cruel gossip separated the loving pair. At least in the first exile Sitaji had the company of her husband and brother-in-law to protect her and comfort her. In this second exile, she was all alone. The pain and hurt of a pregnant woman, abandoned all alone in the jungles of central India, must have been intense. Yet, she did not falter. Perhaps the first "Single Parent" of the Hindu epics, she raised her childrens in the Ashram of Bhagwan Valmiki.


Sri Ram requested sage Agastya to tell about the means by which he could become liberated from the sins of killing brahmins. Sage Agastya advised him to perform Ashwamedha-yagya. He also described the rituals of performing Ashwamedha Yagya--- "Get a horse of white colour and after worshipping it on Vaishakh Purnima leave it to wander freely. Tie a piece of paper on its forehead on which your name and other details are mentioned. Soldiers should follow that horse wherever it goes. You should fight a battle against any king who dares to stop the horse. You should lead a celibate life till the horse returns back to the same place from where it had been let loose. It is customary for the performer of Ashwamedha yagya to indulge himself in benevolent deeds till the completion of Ashwamedha yagya." Sri Ram agreed to perform Ashwamedha yagya. He went to the seashore accompanied by numerous sages. He then cultivated a vast expanse of land with the help of a golden plough. A large oblation site was constructed and thus began Ashwamedha yagya under the supervision of Vashishth.


As per the advice of Sage Vashishth, Sri Ram instructed his soldiers to bring a white-horse. A white parasol was fixed on its back and the horse was decorated with colourful clothes. The horse was then let loose and the faithful soldiers of Sri Ram followed it wherever the horse went.A gold-sheet was hanged in the horse's neck and upon which was inscribed--This horse belongs to Sri Ram--the son of Dasharath. Anybody who dares to stop this horse will meet ruthless punishment.

Shatrughan followed the horse as per the instruction of his elder brother -- Sri Ram. Bharat and Pushkal also accompanied him. A huge army led by Kalnemi was marching behind the horse.


Some of the kings tried to stop the horse, but were defeated by Shatrughan. This way the horse continued to move ahead without any problem till it reached the bank of river Ganga.It was early morning and Lav after noticing the presence of horse become curious. He went near the horse and tried to read the inscription hanging down it's neck. He made fun of the might of Sri Ram and fastened the horse.The soldiers tried to release the horse but Lav severed their arms. They returned to Shatrughan and narrated the whole incident to him.


Shatrughan became extremely furious after seeing the condition of his injured soldiers. He instructed Kalnemi to teach Lav a lesson. Kalnemi confronted Lav with a huge army and a ferocious battle took place. Lav managed to kill Kalnemi, which created havoc in the rival's army. The surviving soldiers tried to hold their ground but were forced to flee on account of a fierce assault from Lav.

Shatrughan then ordered Pushkal to fight Lav but he became unconscious after being hit by Lav's arrow. Now, Shatrughan's anger crossed all limits and he ordered Hanuman to kill Lav. Hanuman uprooted a large tree and tried to hit Lav, but Lav cut that tree into hundred pieces with a volley of arrows. Lav then released many arrows in the direction of Hanuman. Hanuman fought valiantly but ultimately he fell down unconscious.


When Shatrughan learnt about Hanuman's fate he was infuriated and went to fight Lav. But when he saw a tender looking child in front of him he was surprised. Shatrughan asked --

'O brave child! Who are you! Who is your father?' 

But Lav was not interested in his irrelevant queries and challenged him for a duel. Shatrughan was left with no other option but to fight. A tremendous battle was fought between them. Shatrughan released volleys of arrow towards Lav but all of them were neutralized by him. For a brief time Shatrughan lost his consciousness. After regaining his consciousness, he aimed his most lethal weapon towards Lav. The arrow hit Lav and he fell down unconscious. Lav's companions went and informed Sita about the whole incident. Kush came forward to fight against Sri Ram's army. When he reached the battlefield he saw Lav who was held captive by the enemy's army's. By that time, Lav had regained his consciousness and after seeing Kush he somehow managed to free himself from the clutches of his captors.

Now, both the brothers launched a fierce attack on the enemy. The whole army of Sri Ram started running helter and shelter. It did not take much time for Lav and Kush to vanquish the whole army. All the great warriors like Hanuman, Sugreeva, Pushkal, Angad Veermani and even Shatrughan were either held captive or injured in the battle. Both the brothers fastened Hanuman and Sugreeva with ropes and took them to Sita. Sita immediately recognized Hanuman and Sugreeva. She instructed both her sons to set them free as well as the horse. Lav and Kush followed the instruction of Mother Sita and released everybody from their captivity. Bhagwan Valmiki Ji shower the nector over the dead army and all the dead soldiers became alive once again. Shatrughan regained his consciousness too.


Shatrughan decided to return to Ayodhya. He instructed Sumati to make all the necessary arrangements for the safe return of the Caravan, which comprised not only of Sri Ram's army but also of all the defeated kings and their vanquished armies. When Sri Ram came to know about their arrival, he sent Laxman to receive them. Laxman received the victorious army with all the honour and the all of them came to the palace. Sri Ram curiously asked Sumati about everything that had happened.

Sumati paraded all the vanquished kings who had made the mistake of stopping the horse-- Sumad, Sabahu, Daman, Satyavan, Surath, etc. He then narrated the brave deed of Lav and Kush. He also revealed how mighty warriors like Hanuman, Sugreeva Shatrughan etc had been defeated by both of them.


Bhagwan Valmiki was present in Ayodhya to attend the Ashwamedha yagya. Sri Ram asked him about the identity of the two children--Lav and Kush, Valmiki said --- Sita was pregnant at the time you had abandoned her. I gave her refuge in my hermitage where she gave birth to twins--Lav and Kush. Both the children were brought up in my hermitage with love and care. I taught them all the sacred texts and scriptures and made them masters of various weaponries. So, Lav and Kush are your sons. You must bring Sita back to Ayodhya with due honour, because she is pure and chaste." 

Sri Ram's heart was filled with grief. He instructed Laxman to bring Sita along with Lav and Kush. Laxman went to Valmiki's hermitage and requested Sita to return to Ayodhya. Sita refused to return but sent Lav and Kush along with Laxman. When Sri Ram found that only Lav and Kush had come, he once again sent Laxman to bring Sita. Laxman followed his instruction and went to Valmiki's hermitage for the second time. Meanwhile, Bhagwan Valmiki instructed Lav and Kush to sing the praise of Sri Ram in their melodious voice. Everybody was moved by their soulful rendition. Sri Ram took Lav and Kush in his embrace.

At her final meeting with her Lord, Sitaji was firm in her resolve - never to be doubted again. With great confidence, she requested her mother - Goddess Earth, to reclaim her and vindicate her in public - Once and for all. When Mother Earth came to comfort her daughter, the universe witnessed Sitaji's piety and blameless past.


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Book : Shodasi : Secrets of the Ramayana
Author : Seshendra Sharma
Ramayana, a replica of Vedas
There are several versions of the Sri Ramayana, one of the two greatest epics. Following Sri Valmiki Ramayana several editions have been published in various languages, besides scores of commentaries written across centuries. Late. Gunturu Seshendra Sharma, scholar poet of 20th Century unearthed secrets of the Ramayana through his popular Telugu book “Shodasi”.
The novelty of nomenclature Shodasi , called Sri Vidya is reflected , in the 16th Chapter . Sharma’s intellectual depth comes forth in analyzing Sundara Kanda specially through Kundalini Yoga . The author highlights hidden truth in Valmiki’s thought that is similar to Vedas and says that Trijata’s dream in Sundara Kanda reflects Gayatri Mantra of 32 Syllabi in 4 lines. Sharma pays rich encomiums in the description of Lanka surrounded by three impregnable borders. He compares these three borders with Trikuta viz... Shakti , Kaamaraaja , Vagbhava Kutas with those of Sri Vidya in Kundalini . A staunch believer of Vedas, the author feels that Ramayana is a replica of Vedas and oriented towards the character of Indra . He concludes that in Ramayana the mentioning of the supreme God is Indra and not Vishnu, as the presiding deity of valour in Vedas. Utterances of the word Vishnu were considered to be imaginary overstatements in the author’s view.
This book lends a new perspective to the Ramayana by adding the dimension of Kundalini Yoga .
The foreword by Vishwanatha Satyanarayana adds credibility to the book. The current work is an English translation of the original by Gurujada Suryanarayana Murthy , a scientist by profession . His proficiency in the subject is evident in the translation throughout that doesn’t swerve from the original’s purport.
The Hindu
(Friday Review: 2nd October 2015)

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Saatyaki S / o Seshendra Sharma said...

Valmiki is a Vedic Sage.
He wrote the first epic of the human civilization
to spread kundalini Yoga
Sundara Kanda is nothing but Kundalini Yoga
Trijata Swapna in Sundara Kanda is nothing but Gayathri Mantra
Sita is Aadi Paraa Shakthi .
Hanuman and Ravana are Kundalini Yogis
of Samaya and Kaula Paths.
Please read Shodasi : Secrets of the Ramayana
by Seshendra Sharma ( )

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